The au pair programme

Learn more about the au pair programme and the steps you will take to complete your application.  

What is an au pair?


An au pair is usually a person aged between 18 and 30 who provides childcare assistance in exchange for weekly pocket money. Au pairs usually come to England for a cultural exchange and to improve their English.

You will be treated as part of the host family; you will have your own bedroom and have all food provided.


As an au pair, you may work up to 35 hours per week, 5 days per week. You may also be given additional babysitting duties 1 to 2 evenings per week.

Your duties as an au pair


An au pair’s duties vary from family to family but your main job is helping with the children. Duties may include:

  • preparing breakfast, snacks and dinner

  • taking the children to and from school/ nursery

  • playing, organising activities and play dates

  • over seeing homework

  • evening babysitting 

  • light housework such as laundry, ironing, vaccuming and washing up

Working hours, pocket money & holidays


As an au pair you may work up to 35 hours per week, usually Monday to Friday, plus 1 to 2 evenings babysitting per week.

Most au pairs work a split shift consisting of a morning shift, free time during the day and then an afternoon shift. Pocket money starts from £100 per week. 

You will have lots of free time to explore London (and beyond) during your free time. You will get 2 full days off per week, usually over the weekend. You are entitled to 4 weeks’ paid holiday for every 12 months spent with the family, with their agreement. You should also have all public holidays off.

How to apply

From applying online to finding the perfect job, we’ll help you every step of the way. If you need any help or advice before applying please get in touch!

Apply online


You have decided to work as an au pair in London—fantastic! That’s the first step done. Next, you’ll need to complete your online application.



Once we’ve received your application we’ll find a time to speak, where we can get to know you better and start matching you with suitable families..

Choose a family


Interviews with families are usually conducted over Skype or Facetime, unless of course you are already in London and able to meet face-to-face. When you’ve found the family you would like to work for and you are both happy, we can help you make the final arrangements.

Arrange your arrival


We will provide you with more information once you have found your host family. Keep in contact with your host family up until your arrival and discuss start dates and travel plans together.

Your application checklist​

Your completed au pair profile should include the following:

Au pair application form
Some photos of yourself

'Dear family' letter

School grades

Police report

Two references

Your 'dear family' letter​

One of the most important parts of your application is the letter where you introduce yourself to the Family in English: a 'dear family' letter.

Here is your chance to show off your personality, accomplishments and allow the family to get to know you a little better before the interview.

Some ideas to get you started:


  • Your name, age and where you come from

  • Family background (who do you live with, what do your parents do, do you have any brothers and sisters, or any pets?)

  • Your education so far

  • Any work experience

  • Childcare experience

  • Experience of cooking and housekeeping

  • Interests and hobbies

  • Future plans/ dreams

  • Something about your personality (you are writing to your future employer so be positive!)