Our refund policy

Refunds for Au Pairs & Returning Au Pairs

Subject to the conditions below, if an Au pair leaves within eight weeks a suitable replacement will be found (maximum one replacement within the eight week period). If no suitable applicant is available then the following refunds will apply:

  • 0-2 weeks from the agreed commencement date 75% refund

  • 2-4 weeks from the agreed commencement date 50% refund

  • 4-8 weeks from the agreed commencement date 25% refund

Guarantee & Refund Policy for Au Pairs and Returning Au Pairs
  • We recognise that sometimes things do not go to plan, even with the best planning and support. 

  • All long term placements include a 8-week guarantee for au pair placements and a fair refund policy for your peace of mind. 

  • If the placement is terminated during this period, London Nannies & Au Pairs will offer one free replacement. Refund policy is only applicable for the first placement. Any subsequent replacements will be chargeable at the full rate.

  • Should we, however, be unable to offer suitable replacement candidates within the first 30 days (from the date of notifying us) the following refund schedule applies should you choose to discontinue the replacement search with London Nannies & Au Pairs.

  • Unreasonable rejection of replacement candidates (such as amending the new search requirements to be such which are substantially different to the original search) does not automatically warrant a refund. 

  • No refunds apply whereby the placement is terminated outside of the guarantee period. 

  • After 8 weeks have elapsed no cash refunds are applicable.

  • For short term placements of under 3 months no refunds/replacements are due. 

We kindly ask you to note that any refunds are subject to: 

  • Punctual payment of the placement fee (from the date of issue).

  • Any pocket money due for the au pair has been settled.

  • Appropriate notice has been given to the au pair.

  • Placement may be terminated before the expiry of the notice period only upon mutual agreement together with the au pair unless in case of gross misconduct.

  • The au pair is not leaving due to conditions which are grossly different to those agreed with the candidate and London Nannies & Au Pairs.

  • Whereby there is no reason to assume gross misconduct, and you require your au pair to leave ahead of the expiry of the notice period without the agreement of the au pair – we ask you as the host family to pay for the pocket money due for the notice period in addition to the au pair flight cost home.

  • If London Nannies & Au Pairs is required to provide the au pair emergency accommodation in case of unjust termination without notice, the charges will be made to the host family. 



Refunds for Nannies

Subject to the conditions below, if a permanent Employee leaves their employment within twelve weeks, the following refunds will be given provided that a suitable replacement cannot be found:

  • 0-4 weeks - 75% refund

  • 4-8 weeks - 50% refund

  • 8-12 weeks - 25% refund

Guarantee & Refund Policy for Nannies

A guarantee period for permanent placements covers the first twelve weeks of employment. Refunds are granted in the following circumstances:
(a) A full refund is available if an Applicant fails to take up her employment.
(b) A refund will be granted when an Applicant for a permanent position leaves her employment within twelve weeks from the commencement and no suitable replacement is found within two months of notification to the Agency. We will take the weeks worked into consideration on a temporary fee basis and reimburse the difference between the permanent and the temporary fee.
(c) A refund will be granted when an Applicant for a temporary position leaves before the agreed end of the placement and if the Agency does not find a suitable replacement. In such an event, weeks not worked will be reimbursed to the Client.
(d) A refund will be granted only if the working conditions and original specification of the position have not changed.
(e) A refund will only be granted if the Applicant’s departure is due to unprofessional conduct on her part and not due to a change in personal circumstances of the Client.
(f) All instances of termination of employment where a refund is claimed must be notified in writing to the Agency within three days of the termination of the employment. No claim for refund can be entertained by the Agency where payment has not been received in full by the Agency within fourteen days of the invoice date, and in any case prior to the commencement date of the Applicant’s position.